Countries With Lowest Disposable Personal Income - Bottom 10 World

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Disposable Personal Income Latest Reference
United States

Germany Total Disposable Income latest value is 491.48 EUR Billion. Source: Deutsche Bundesbank. Current Prices, SA. Forecast: 495.3537 EUR Billion.
Japan Disposable Personal Income was last reported at 654.96 JPY Thousand. Source: Statistics Bureau, Japan. Forecast: 516.2471 JPY Thousand.
Cambodia Disposable Personal Income stands at 1608.00 KHR Thousand. Source: National Institute of Statistics of Cambodia. Forecast: 1566.5925 KHR Thousand.
Iceland Disposable Income per Capita latest value is 3634.70 ISK Thousand. Source: Statistics Iceland. Forecast: 3854.1376 ISK Thousand.
Kenya National Disposable Income was last reported at 7128.70 KES Billion. Source: Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 7502.6324 KES Billion.
Slovakia Households Disposable Income stands at 11725.00 EUR Million. Source: Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 12690.4394 EUR Million.
United States Disposable Personal Income latest value is 15520.43 USD Billion. Source: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Current Prices, SA. Forecast: 14956.1245 USD Billion.
China Disposable Income per Capita was last reported at 36396.00 CNY. Source: National Bureau of Statistics of China. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 39103.3509 CNY.
Macau Disposable Personal Income stands at 41423.00 MOP. Source: Statistics and Census Service, Government of Macao SAR. Forecast: 42821.6743 MOP.
The country with lowest Disposable Personal Income is Russia (0.20 percent in Jun 2018) followed by Slovakia (11725.00 EUR Million in Q1 2018) in the second position and the United States (15520.43 USD Billion in Jun 2018) in the third.