Countries With Lowest Current Account - Bottom 10 World

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Current Account Latest Reference
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

Montenegro Current Account stands at -310215.08 EUR Thousand. Source: Central Bank of Montenegro. Forecast: -183914.0239 EUR Thousand.
United States Current Account latest value is -123137.00 USD Million. Source: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Forecast: -122792.1623 USD Million.
Djibouti Current Account was last reported at -97351.00 DJF Million. Source: Central Bank of Djibouti. Forecast: -139030 DJF Million.
South Africa Current Account stands at -110457.00 ZAR Million. Source: South African Reserve Bank. SA. Forecast: -97128.1106 ZAR Million.
Tajikistan Current Account latest value is -27187.30 USD Thousand. Source: National Bank of Tajikistan. Forecast: -6830.7086 USD Thousand.
Bhutan Current Account was last reported at -41211.80 BTN Million. Source: Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan. Forecast: -46216.4 BTN Million.
Comoros Current Account stands at -23012.00 KMF Million. Source: Banque Centrale des Comores. Forecast: -13549 KMF Million.
United Kingdom Current Account latest value is -16895.00 GBP Million. Source: Office for National Statistics. Forecast: -20854 GBP Million.
Morocco Current Account was last reported at -14232.20 MAD Million. Source: Office des Changes, Marocco. Forecast: -18422.6 MAD Million.
Canada Current Account stands at -16319.00 CAD Million. Source: Statistics Canada. Forecast: -16823.3766 CAD Million.
The country with lowest Current Account is South Africa (-110457.00 ZAR Million in Q2 2017) followed by the United States (-123137.00 USD Million in Q2 2017) in the second position and Morocco (-14232.20 MAD Million in Q1 2017) in the third.