Countries With Lowest CPI Transportation - Bottom 10 World

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CPI Transportation Latest Reference
East Timor

Swaziland CPI Transportation latest value is 3.30 percent. Source: Central Bank of Swaziland. Forecast: 5.6454 percent.
East Timor CPI Transportation was last reported at 91.60 Index Points. Source: National Statistics Directorate, Timor. 2012 = 100. Forecast: 88.8228 Index Points.
Vietnam CPI Transportation stands at 93.83 Index Points. Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam. 2009=100, NSA. Forecast: 90.5549 Index Points.
Mali Cpi Transportation latest value is 95.30 Index Points. Source: Institut National de la Statistique, Mali. 2014=100. Forecast: 108.4466 Index Points.
Zimbabwe CPI Transportation was last reported at 97.50 Index Points. Source: Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. 2012M12=100, NSA. Forecast: 98.6518 Index Points.
Japan CPI Transportation latest value is 99.60 Index Points. Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications. 2015=100, NSA. Forecast: 99.3501 Index Points.
Lebanon CPI Transportation was last reported at 99.68 Index Points. Source: Central Administration of Statistics, Republic of Lebanon. 2013M12=100, NSA. Forecast: 94.4135 Index Points.
Slovenia CPI Transportation stands at 99.96 Index Points. Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia. 2015=100, NSA. Forecast: 98.0459 Index Points.
Romania CPI Transportation latest value is 99.98 Index Points. Source: Institutul National de Statistica. PP=100, NSA. Forecast: 100.269 Index Points.
The country with lowest CPI Transportation is Swaziland (3.30 percent in Apr 2018) followed by East Timor (91.60 Index Points in Jun 2018) in the second position and Vietnam (93.83 Index Points in Jul 2018) in the third.