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Loan Growth T+1
Euro Area

Euro Area Household Credit Growth stands at 2.6 Percent. Source: european central bank. Forecast: 1.5 Percent.
China Outstanding Loan Growth latest value is 12.9 Percent. Source: people's bank of china. Forecast: 13.9 Percent.
Japan Bank Lending was last reported at 3.3 Percent. Source: bank of japan. Forecast: 2.3 Percent.
France Loan Growth YoY stands at 5.83 Percent. Source: banque de france. Forecast: 4.86 Percent.
Brazil Loan Growth latest value is 0.4 Percent. Source: banco central do brasil. Forecast: 0.2 Percent.
India Bank Loan Growth was last reported at 6.1 Percent. Source: reserve bank of india. Forecast: 10.1 Percent.