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Lending Rate Latest Reference
South Africa
Euro Area

Euro Area Marginal Lending Rate stands at 0.25 Percent. Source: european central bank. Forecast: 0.25 Percent.
Indonesia Lending Rate latest value is 5.5 Percent. Source: bank indonesia. Forecast: 5.5 Percent.
Turkey Overnight Lending Rate was last reported at 9.25 Percent. Source: central bank of the republic of turkey. Forecast: 8.86 Percent.
South Africa Lending Rate stands at 10.25 Percent. Source: south african reserve bank. Forecast: 10.50 Percent.
Lending Rate in the Euro Area was last registered at 0.25 Percent in 07/27/2017. Lending Rate in Indonesia was recorded at 5.5 Percent in Jul 2017. Lending Rate in Turkey was reported at 9.25 Percent in 07/27/2017. Lending Rate in South Africa fell to 10.25 Percent in Jul 2017 from 10.5 Percent in Mar 2017.