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Japan Balance of Trade stands at -231.21 JPY Billion and is the 71st highest balance of trade. Source: Ministry of Finance, Japan. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 391.1927 JPY Billion.
Japan Terms of Trade latest value is 96.00 Index Points. Forecast: 101.026 Index Points.
Balance Of Trade in Japan fell to -231.21 JPY Billion from 720.77 JPY Billion and Terms Of Trade went down to 96.00 Index Points from 96.60 Index Points in Jun 2018.

Balance Of Trade all-time average stands at 364.26 JPY Billion and it's projection for Mar 2018 is 391.19. Terms Of Trade averaged 166.66 Index Points and is projected to be 101.03 in Mar 2018.