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Jamaica Latest Reference

Jamaica Imports stands at 1453332.00 USD Thousand and is the 71st lowest imports. Source: Bank of Jamaica. Forecast: 1430858.8112 USD Thousand.
Jamaica Exports latest value is 317219.00 USD Thousand, it is ranked as the 60th world's lowest exports. Source: Bank of Jamaica. Forecast: 318002.6893 USD Thousand.
Imports in Jamaica grew to 1453332.00 USD Thousand from 1395609.00 USD Thousand and Exports went down to 317219.00 USD Thousand from 345115.00 USD Thousand in Q2 2017.

Imports all-time average stands at 1131608.01 USD Thousand and it's projection for Q4 2017 is 1430858.81. Exports averaged 392778.70 USD Thousand since Q1 1992 and is projected to be 318002.69 in Q4 2017.