Countries With Lowest Interest Rate - Bottom 5 World

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Interest Rate Latest Reference
Czech Republic

Switzerland Interest Rate was last reported at -0.75 percent. Source: Swiss National Bank.
Denmark Interest Rate stands at -0.65 percent and is the lowest interest rate. Source: Danmarks Nationalbank.
Sweden Interest Rate latest value is -0.50 percent, it is ranked as the 2nd world's lowest interest rate. Source: Sveriges Riksbank.
Japan Interest Rate was last reported at -0.10 percent. It ranks as the world's 3rd lowest recorded interest rate. Source: Bank of Japan.
Czech Republic Interest Rate stands at 0.05 percent and is the 4th lowest interest rate. Source: Czech National Bank.
The country with lowest Interest Rate is Japan (-0.10 percent in 04/27/2017) followed by Sweden (-0.50 percent in 04/27/2017) in the second position and Denmark (-0.65 percent in 04/30/2017) in the third.