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Interest Rate Latest Reference
United States
Euro Area

United States Fed Funds Rate latest value is 1.25 Percent. Source: federal reserve. Forecast: 0.95 Percent.
Euro Area Interest Rate was last reported at 0 Percent. Source: european central bank. Forecast: 0 Percent.
China Interest Rate stands at 4.35 Percent. Source: the people's bank of china. Forecast: 4.34 Percent.
Japan Interest Rate latest value is -0.1 Percent. Source: bank of japan. Forecast: -0.1 Percent.
Interest Rate in the United States grew to 1.25 Percent in 07/26/2017 from 1 Percent in 04/30/2017. Interest Rate in the Euro Area was recorded at 0 Percent in 07/20/2017. Interest Rate in China declined to 4.35 Percent in 06/15/2017 from 4.6 Percent in 08/25/2015. Interest Rate in Japan was last registered at -0.1 Percent in 07/20/2017.