Countries With Highest Imports - Top 5 World

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Imports Latest Reference
United States
Euro Area
European Union

United States Imports stands at 261159.00 USD Million and is the highest imports. Source: U.S. Census Bureau. Forecast: 261820.9945 USD Million.
Euro Area Imports latest value is 177076.00 EUR Million, it is ranked as the 2nd world's highest imports. Source: Eurostat. NSA. Forecast: 168349.3992 EUR Million.
European Union Imports was last reported at 170370.00 EUR Million. It ranks as the world's 3rd highest recorded imports. Source: Eurostat. NSA. Forecast: 157222.9888 EUR Million.
China Imports stands at 1895.20 USD HML and is the 4th highest imports. Source: General Administration of Customs. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 1879.5115 USD HML.
Germany Imports latest value is 94544.00 EUR Million, it is ranked as the 5th world's highest imports. Source: Federal Statistical Office. NSA. Forecast: 92213.7715 EUR Million.
The country with highest Imports is the United States followed by China in the second position and European Union in the third.