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Euro Area
United States

United States Imports stands at 238535 USD Million and is the highest imports. Source: u.s. census bureau. Forecast: 236448 USD Million.
Euro Area Imports latest value is 168148.2 EUR Million, it is ranked as the 2nd world's highest imports. Source: eurostat. Forecast: 140826.8 EUR Million.
China Imports was last reported at 1538.26 USD HML. It ranks as the world's 4th highest recorded imports. Source: general administration of customs. Forecast: 1352.52 USD HML.
Japan Imports stands at 6167.65 JPY Billion and is the 28th lowest imports. Source: ministry of finance japan. Forecast: 5207.43 JPY Billion.
Germany Imports latest value is 88603 EUR Million, it is ranked as the 5th world's highest imports. Source: federal statistical office. Forecast: 78429 EUR Million.
France Imports stands at 45021 EUR Million and is the 6th highest imports. Source: ministère de l'économie et des finances. Forecast: 41914 EUR Million.
Imports in the United States grew to 238535 USD Million in May 2017 from 236414 USD Million in Feb 2017. The Euro Area Imports went up to 168148.2 EUR Million in May 2017 from 143761.5 EUR Million in Feb 2016. Imports in China rose to 1538.26 USD HML in Jun 2017 from 1292.27 USD HML in Feb 2017. Imports in Japan grew to 6167.65 JPY Billion in Jun 2017 from 5701.61 JPY Billion in Mar 2016. Germany Imports went up to 88603 EUR Million in May 2017 from 79300 EUR Million in Feb 2016. Imports in France rose to 45021 EUR Million in May 2017 from 40641 EUR Million in Mar 2016.