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United States
United Kingdom
Euro Area

United States Import Prices latest value is 122.5 Index Points. Source: u.s. bureau of labor statistics. Forecast: 122.4 Index Points.
Euro Area Import Prices was last reported at 103.9 Index Points. Source: eurostat. Forecast: 100.9 Index Points.
China Import Prices stands at 112.44 Index Points. Source: national bureau of statistics of china. Forecast: 108.57 Index Points.
Japan Import Prices latest value is 91.2 Index Points. Source: bank of japan. Forecast: 91.9 Index Points.
Germany Import Prices was last reported at 100.2 Index Points. Source: federal statistical office. Forecast: 96.3 Index Points.
United Kingdom Import Prices stands at 98.1 Index Points. Source: office for national statistics. Forecast: 97.4 Index Points.