Hungary - Imports

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Hungary Latest Reference

Hungary Imports stands at 2430000.00 HUF Million. Forecast: 2379780.3819 HUF Million.
Hungary Exports latest value is 2716000.00 HUF Million. Forecast: 2664641.0136 HUF Million.
Imports in Hungary grew to 2430000.00 HUF Million from 2279261.99 HUF Million and Exports went up to 2716000.00 HUF Million from 2418319.31 HUF Million in Aug 2017.

Imports in Hungary all-time average stands at 945270.57 HUF Million and it's projection for Sep 2017 is 2379780.38. Exports averaged 969409.12 HUF Million and is projected to be 2664641.01 in Oct 2017.