Holland Colours - Forecast

85.4 E 09/21/2018
87.40113 E 09/30/2018

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Holland Colours
Portugal Interest Rate
Netherlands Inflation Rate
Netherlands GDP Growth Rate
Netherlands Unemployment Rate
Yield Curve
Netherlands Yield Curve

Holland Colours was last reported at 85.4 E. Forecast: 87.40113 E.
Portugal Interest Rate stands at 0.00 percent. Source: European Central Bank.
Netherlands Inflation Rate latest value is 2.30 percent. Source: Statistics Netherlands. 2015=100. Forecast: 2.3 percent.
Netherlands GDP Growth Rate was last reported at 0.80 percent. Forecast: 0.6 percent.
Holland Colours is forecast to go up to 87.40113 E in 09/30/2018.