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Interest Rate
Inflation Rate
GDP Growth Rate
Unemployment Rate

Latvia Interest Rate latest value is 0.00 percent. Source: European Central Bank.
Greece Inflation Rate was last reported at 0.10 percent. It ranks as the world's 12th lowest recorded inflation rate. Source: National Statistical Service of Greece.
Interest Rate in Latvia was last registered at 0.00 percent in 03/08/2018. Greece Inflation Rate went up to 0.10 percent from -0.20 percent in Jan 2018. GDP Growth Rate declined to 0.10 percent (previously reported at 0.40 percent). Unemployment Rate fell to 20.80 percent from 21.00 percent and 10-Year Government bond was recorded at 4.184 %.

Interest Rate all-time average stands at 2.03 percent. Inflation Rate averaged 8.47 percent since Jan 1960 and GDP Growth Rate is forecasted to be 0.3 in Q1 2018. The Unemployment Rate all-time average stands at 16.03 percent and it's projection for Jan 2018 is 20.8.