Countries With Lowest Government Spending To GDP - Bottom 5 World

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Government Spending To Gdp
South Korea

Bangladesh Government Spending To GDP stands at 15.30 percent. Source: Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh.
Belarus Government Spending To GDP was last reported at 28.80 percent of GDP. It ranks as the world's 2nd lowest recorded government spending to gdp. Source: National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. NSA.
South Korea Government Spending To Gdp stands at 32.00 percent and is the 3rd lowest government spending to gdp. Source: The Bank of Korea.
Azerbaijan Government Spending To GDP latest value is 32.70 percent of GDP, it is ranked as the 4th world's lowest government spending to gdp. Source: The State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The country with lowest Government Spending To GDP is Bangladesh (15.30 percent in 2016) followed by Ireland (28.00 percent in 2016) in the second position and Belarus (28.80 percent of GDP in 2015) in the third.