Countries With Lowest Government Spending - Bottom 5 World

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Government Spending Latest Reference
Czech Republic

Turkmenistan Government Spending was last reported at 3.57 USD Billion. Source: SESRIC. Constant Prices 2010, NSA. Forecast: 3.5162 USD Billion.
Slovakia Government Spending stands at 3.62 EUR Billion and is the lowest government spending. Source: Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic. Constant Prices, NSA. Forecast: 3.522 EUR Billion.
Egypt Government Spending latest value is 86.00 EGP Billion, it is ranked as the 2nd world's lowest government spending. Source: Ministry of Planning. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 99.6 EGP Billion.
Germany Government Spending was last reported at 141.98 EUR Billion. It ranks as the world's 3rd lowest recorded government spending. Source: Federal Statistical Office. Constant Prices 2010, SA. Forecast: 140.5387 EUR Billion.
Czech Republic Government Spending stands at 220.72 CZK Billion and is the 4th lowest government spending. Source: Czech Statistical Office. Constant Prices, SA. Forecast: 215.2607 CZK Billion.
The country with lowest Government Spending is Germany (141.98 EUR Billion in Q2 2018) followed by Czech Republic (220.72 CZK Billion in Q2 2018) in the second position and Turkmenistan (3.57 USD Billion in 2016) in the third.