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United States
United Kingdom
Euro Area

United States Government Debt was last reported at 19844554 USD Million. Source: u.s. department of the treasury. Forecast: 20013173 USD Million.
Euro Area Government Debt stands at 9588159 EUR Million. Source: eurostat. Forecast: 9571469 EUR Million.
Germany Central, State And Local Government Debt latest value is 1786779.2 EUR Million. Source: deutsche bundesbank. Forecast: 1810916.2 EUR Million.
France General Government Debt was last reported at 2209.6 EUR Billion. Source: insee - national institute for statistics and economic studies, france. Forecast: 2170.0 EUR Billion.
United Kingdom Public Sector Net Borrowing stands at -6278 GBP Million. Source: office for national statistics. Forecast: -5276 GBP Million.
Government Debt in the United States fell to 19844554 USD Million in Jun 2017 from 19959594 USD Million in Feb 2017. The Euro Area Government Debt went up to 9588159 EUR Million in 2016 from 9307327.4 EUR Million in 2014. Government Debt in Germany declined to 1786779.2 EUR Million in Q4 2016 from 1810270.4 EUR Million in Q3 2015. Government Debt in France grew to 2209.6 EUR Billion in Q1 2017 from 2160.4 EUR Billion in Q3 2016. The United Kingdom Government Debt went down to -6278 GBP Million in Jun 2017 from 656 GBP Million in Feb 2017.