Ghana Consumer Price Index (CPI) - Forecast

201.30 Index Points Sep 2017
201.7169 Index Points Oct 2017

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Ghana Consumer Price Index (CPI)
Ghana Competitiveness Index
Ghana Food Inflation
Ghana Inflation Rate MoM
Ghana Inflation Rate
Ghana Terrorism Index

Ghana Consumer Price Index (CPI) was last reported at 201.30 Index Points. Source: Ghana Statistical Service. 2012=100, NSA. Forecast: 201.7169 Index Points.
Ghana Competitiveness Index stands at 3.68 Points. Source: World Economic Forum. Forecast: 3.6338 Points.
Ghana Food Inflation latest value is 8.10 percent. Source: Ghana Statistical Services. Forecast: 8.175 percent.
Ghana Inflation Rate MoM was last reported at 0.00 percent. Source: Ghana Statistical Service. 2012=100. Forecast: 0.5035 percent.
Ghana Inflation Rate stands at 12.20 percent. Source: Ghana Statistical Service. 2012=100. Forecast: 12.4 percent.
Ghana Terrorism Index latest value is 0.35. Source: Institute for Economics and Peace. Forecast: 0.0718.
Ghana Consumer Price Index (CPI) is forecast to go up to 201.7169 Index Points in Oct 2017.