Countries With Highest Food Inflation - Top 5 World

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Food Inflation Latest Reference
South Sudan

Venezuela Food Inflation was last reported at 315.00 percent. Source: Banco Central De Venezuela. 2007=100. Forecast: 322.5089 percent.
Suriname Food Inflation stands at 145.40 percent. Source: Statistics Suriname. 2016=100. Forecast: 144.8369 percent.
South Sudan Food Inflation latest value is 110.70 percent. Source: National Bureau of Statistics, South Sudan. Forecast: 82.063 percent.
Congo Food Inflation was last reported at 60.90 percent. Source: Banque Centrale du Congo. 12/2012=100. Forecast: 47.1407 percent.
Libya Food Inflation stands at 49.70 percent. Source: Bureau of Statistics and Census Libya. 2003=100. Forecast: 47.8219 percent.
The country with highest Food Inflation is Venezuela followed by Suriname in the second position and South Sudan in the third.