Countries With Highest External Debt - Top 5 World

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External Debt Latest Reference
Bosnia and Herzegovina
United States
Euro Area
Hong Kong

Spain Total External Debt stands at 1957442000.00 EUR Thousand and is the highest external debt. Source: Bank of Spain. NSA.
United States Total Gross External Debt latest value is 19180854.00 USD Million, it is ranked as the 2nd world's highest external debt. Source: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: -7924811.7691 USD Million.
Euro Area Gross External Debt was last reported at 13810662.00 EUR Million. It ranks as the world's 3rd highest recorded external debt. Source: European Central Bank. NSA, Current. Forecast: 13693726.8663 EUR Million.
Hong Kong Gross External Debt stands at 13057340.00 HKD Million and is the 4th highest external debt. Source: Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong. NSA. Forecast: 12945691.9053 HKD Million.
Bosnia And Herzegovina Government External Debt latest value is 8344435.77 BAM THO, it is ranked as the 5th world's highest external debt. Source: Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 8297468.0076 BAM THO.
The country with highest External Debt is Spain followed by the United States in the second position and the Euro Area in the third.