World - External Debt

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United States
Euro Area

United States Net International Investment Position was last reported at -8217356 USD Million. Source: u.s. bureau of economic analysis. Forecast: -7633081 USD Million.
Euro Area Gross External Debt stands at 13959630.3 EUR Million and is the 2nd highest external debt. Source: european central bank. Forecast: 12854279.7 EUR Million.
China Gross External Debt latest value is 14207 USD HML, it is ranked as the 33rd world's lowest external debt. Source: state administration of foreign exchange, china. Forecast: 16158 USD HML.
Japan Total Gross External Debt was last reported at 387147 JPY Billion. It ranks as the world's 27th highest recorded external debt. Source: ministry of finance, japan. Forecast: 363443 JPY Billion.
Germany Total Gross External Debt stands at 4770189 EUR Million and is the 9th highest external debt. Source: deutsche bundesbank. Forecast: 4637634 EUR Million.