Turkey Exports - Forecast

12383.30 USD Million Aug 2018
13375.5372 USD Million Sep 2018

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Turkey Exports
Turkey Terms of Trade
Turkey Balance of Trade
Turkey Imports

Turkey Exports was last reported at 12383.30 USD Million. Forecast: 13375.5372 USD Million.
Turkey Terms of Trade stands at 101.77 Index Points. Source: Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. 2010=100, NSA. Forecast: 104.8149 Index Points.
Turkey Balance of Trade latest value is -2421.79 USD Million. Source: Turkish Statistical Institute. Forecast: -8524.0161 USD Million.
Turkey Imports was last reported at 14805.08 USD Million. Forecast: 16732.8547 USD Million.
Turkey Exports is forecast to go up to 13375.5372 USD Million in Sep 2018.