Countries With Lowest Exports - Bottom 5 World

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South Sudan

South Sudan Exports was last reported at 7465.30 million SSP. Source: National Bureau of Statistics, South Sudan. Forecast: 22177.5698 million SSP.
Gambia Exports stands at 960.10 million GMD and is the lowest exports. Source: Central Bank of The Gambia. Forecast: 905.2342 million GMD.
Bahamas Exports latest value is 181.40 BSD Million, it is ranked as the 2nd world's lowest exports. Source: Central Bank of The Bahamas. Forecast: 171.3406 BSD Million.
Nepal Exports was last reported at 5808.80 Million NPR. It ranks as the world's 3rd lowest recorded exports. Source: Nepal Rastra Bank. Forecast: 6171.023 Million NPR.
Madagascar Exports stands at 527007.00 million MGA and is the 4th lowest exports. Source: Institut National de la Statistique de Madagascar. Forecast: 601583.7604 million MGA.
The country with lowest Exports is Madagascar ((US$ 173K/Month) 527007.00 million MGA in Jun 2017) followed by South Sudan ((US$ 4.85/Month) 7465.30 million SSP in 2015) in the second position and Bahamas ((US$ 45.4M/Month) 181.40 BSD Million in Q2 2017) in the third.