Comoros - Exports

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Comoros Latest Reference

Comoros Exports stands at 17267.00 KMF Million and is the 31st lowest exports. Source: Banque Centrale des Comores.
Comoros Imports latest value is 109836.00 KMF Million, it is ranked as the 33rd world's lowest imports. Source: Banque Centrale des Comores.
Exports in Comoros grew to 17267.00 KMF Million from 13682.00 KMF Million and Imports went up to 109836.00 KMF Million from 97546.00 KMF Million in 2016.

Exports all-time average stands at 7112.23 KMF Million and it's projection for 2017 is 5656.77. Imports averaged 55400.41 KMF Million since 1996 and is projected to be 76339.71 in 2017.