Countries With Highest Export Prices - Top 5 World

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Export Prices Latest Reference
New Zealand

Algeria Export Prices stands at 1369.00 Index Points. Source: Office National des Statistiques (ONS). NSA, 1994=000. Forecast: 1438.1362 Index Points.
New Zealand Export Prices latest value is 1155.00 Index Points. Source: Statistics New Zealand. NSA, 2002Q2=000. Forecast: 1131.877 Index Points.
Pakistan Export Prices was last reported at 751.50 Index Points. Source: IMF. NSA, 1995=100. Forecast: 718.7746 Index Points.
India Export Prices stands at 372.00 Index Points. Source: Reserve Bank of India. 1999-2000=100, NSA. Forecast: 389.0266 Index Points.
Estonia Export Prices latest value is 336.16 Index Points. Source: Statistics Estonia. 1993=100, NSA. Forecast: 337.0402 Index Points.
The country with highest Export Prices is Algeria followed by New Zealand in the second position and Pakistan in the third.