Countries With Lowest Employment Rate - Bottom 5 World

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Employment Rate Latest Reference
Puerto Rico

Kosovo Employment Rate was last reported at 29.80 percent. Source: Kosovo Agency of Statistics. NSA. Forecast: 28.898 percent.
Jordan Employment Rate stands at 33.10 percent. Source: The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Department of Statistics. NSA. Forecast: 31.3605 percent.
Puerto Rico Employment Rate latest value is 36.00 percent. Source: Departamento del Trabajo y Recursos Humanos, Puerto Rico. NSA. Forecast: 35.0496 percent.
Moldova Employment Rate was last reported at 39.21 percent. Source: National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova. NSA. Forecast: 38.5238 percent.
Morocco Employment Rate stands at 41.90 percent. Source: Haut Commissariat au Plan. NSA. Forecast: 43.4456 percent.
The country with lowest Employment Rate is Kosovo (29.80 percent in Q4 2017) followed by Jordan (33.10 percent in Q1 2017) in the second position and Puerto Rico (36.00 percent in Feb 2018) in the third.