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United States
Euro Area

United States Employed Persons stands at 153168 Thousand. Source: u.s. bureau of labor statistics. Forecast: 152186 Thousand.
Euro Area Employed Persons was last reported at 154.77 Million. Source: european central bank. Forecast: 152.29 Million.
China Employed Persons stands at 77603 Tens Of Thousands. Source: mohrss, china. Forecast: 77720 Tens Of Thousands.
Japan Employed Persons stands at 65190 Thousand. Source: statistics bureau, japan. Forecast: 64153 Thousand.
Germany Employed Persons stands at 44070 Thousand. Source: bundesagentur fur arbeit, germany. Forecast: 43476 Thousand.
France Employed Persons stands at 27747.6 Thousand. Source: insee, france. Forecast: 27732.8 Thousand.
Employed Persons in the United States grew to 153168 Thousand in Jun 2017 from 152528 Thousand in Feb 2017. The Euro Area Employed Persons went up to 154.77 Million in Q1 2017 from 151.39 Million in Q3 2015. Employed Persons in China rose to 77603 Tens Of Thousands in 2016 from 77451 Tens Of Thousands in 2015. Employed Persons in Japan grew to 65190 Thousand in May 2017 from 63390 Thousand in Mar 2016. Germany Employed Persons went up to 44070 Thousand in May 2017 from 43389 Thousand in Mar 2016. Employed Persons in France rose to 27747.6 Thousand in Q1 2017 from 27444.3 Thousand in Q4 2015.