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Unemployed Persons
Employed Persons

Egypt Unemployed Persons latest value is 3309.00 Thousand. Forecast: 3307.8003 Thousand.
Egypt Employed Persons was last reported at 26092.00 Thousand. Forecast: 26209.1343 Thousand.
Unemployed Persons in Egypt fell to 3309.00 Thousand from 3513.00 Thousand and Employed Persons went up to 26092.00 Thousand from 25963.00 Thousand in Q4 2017.

Unemployed Persons all-time average stands at 2844.78 Thousand and it's projection for Q1 2018 is 3307.8. Employed Persons averaged 22534.66 Thousand and is projected to be 26209.13 in Q2 2018.