Djibouti - Imports

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Djibouti Latest Reference

Djibouti Imports stands at 125324.00 DJF Million. Forecast: 138920.787 DJF Million.
Djibouti Exports latest value is 24703.00 DJF Million. Forecast: 25036.7027 DJF Million.
Imports in Djibouti fell to 125324.00 DJF Million from 154709.00 DJF Million and Exports went up to 24703.00 DJF Million from 23740.00 DJF Million in 2015.

Imports in Djibouti all-time average stands at 68828.36 DJF Million and it's projection for 2017 is 138920.79. Exports averaged 11615.86 DJF Million and is projected to be 25036.7 in 2017.