Countries With Lowest Disposable Personal Income - Bottom 5 World

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Disposable Personal Income Latest Reference

Russia Real Disposable Income was last reported at -0.90 percent. Source: Federal State Statistics Service. Forecast: 0.8724 percent.
Japan Disposable Personal Income latest value is 485.33 JPY Thousand. Source: Statistics Bureau, Japan. Forecast: 389.902 JPY Thousand.
Germany Total Disposable Income stands at 494.41 EUR Billion. Source: Deutsche Bundesbank. Current Prices, SA. Forecast: 497.0177 EUR Billion.
Cambodia Disposable Personal Income was last reported at 1608.00 KHR Thousand. Source: National Institute of Statistics of Cambodia. Forecast: 1566.5925 KHR Thousand.
Iceland Disposable Income per Capita latest value is 3634.70 ISK Thousand. Source: Statistics Iceland. Forecast: 3854.1376 ISK Thousand.
The country with lowest Disposable Personal Income is Russia (-0.90 percent in Aug 2018) followed by Cambodia (1608.00 KHR Thousand in 2015) in the second position and Iceland (3634.70 ISK Thousand in 2016) in the third.