Countries With Lowest Deposit Interest Rate - Bottom 5 World

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Deposit Interest Rate Latest Reference
Euro Area

Deposit Interest Rate in Sweden was last reported at -1.25 percent. Source: Sveriges Riksbank. Forecast: -1.25 percent.
Euro Area Deposit Facilty Rate stands at -0.40 percent. Source: European Central Bank. Forecast: -0.4 percent.
Switzerland, Deposit Rates, New Business,3 Month Mean latest value is -0.32 percent. Source: Swiss National Bank. NSA. Forecast: -0.313 percent.
Norway Reserve Rate was last reported at -0.25 percent. Source: Norges Bank. NSA. Forecast: -0.5 percent.
Deposit Interest Rate in Hungary stands at -0.15 percent. Source: National Bank of Hungary. NSA. Forecast: -0.1267 percent.
The country with lowest Deposit Interest Rate is Hungary (-0.15 percent in Oct 2018) followed by Norway (-0.25 percent in Oct 2018) in the second position and Switzerland (-0.32 percent in Aug 2018) in the third.