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Consumer Credit Latest Reference
United States
Euro Area

United States Consumer Credit Change latest value is 18.4 USD Billion. Source: federal reserve. Forecast: 19.3 USD Billion.
Euro Area Consumer Credit was last reported at 636580.71 EUR Million. Source: european central bank. Forecast: 604539.50 EUR Million.
China Consumer Credit stands at 280011.4 CNY HML. Source: people's bank of china. Forecast: 205200.8 CNY HML.
Japan Consumer Credit latest value is 334522 JPY Billion. Source: bank of japan. Forecast: 237847 JPY Billion.
Germany Consumer Credit was last reported at 231929 EUR Million. Source: deutsche bundesbank. Forecast: 227527 EUR Million.
France Consumer Credit stands at 1279383 EUR Million. Source: banque de france. Forecast: 1223561 EUR Million.
Consumer Credit in the United States grew to 18.4 USD Billion in May 2017 from 10.9 USD Billion in Jan 2017. The Euro Area Consumer Credit went up to 636580.71 EUR Million in Jun 2017 from 600860.3 EUR Million in Mar 2016. Consumer Credit in China rose to 280011.4 CNY HML in Jun 2017 from 197659.12 CNY HML in Mar 2016. Consumer Credit in Japan grew to 334522 JPY Billion in Q1 2017 from 234318 JPY Billion in Q2 2015. Germany Consumer Credit went up to 231929 EUR Million in Q1 2017 from 225110 EUR Million in Q4 2015. Consumer Credit in France rose to 1279383 EUR Million in Apr 2017 from 1219221 EUR Million in Feb 2016.