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Unemployed Persons
Employed Persons

China Unemployed Persons was last reported at 969.00 Tens of Thousands. Forecast: 967.0149 Tens of Thousands.
China Employed Persons stands at 77640.00 Tens of Thousands. Forecast: 77669.8897 Tens of Thousands.
Unemployed Persons in China fell to 969.00 Tens of Thousands from 971.00 Tens of Thousands and Employed Persons went up to 77640.00 Tens of Thousands from 77603.00 Tens of Thousands in 2016.

Unemployed Persons all-time average stands at 903.45 Tens of Thousands and it's projection for Q3 2018 is 967.01. Employed Persons averaged 60448.80 Tens of Thousands and is projected to be 77669.89 in 2018.