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Cement Production
Electricity Production

China Cement Production stands at 21072.20 Ten Thousands of Tonnes. Forecast: 23657.0353 Ten Thousands of Tonnes.
China Electricity Production latest value is 569900.00 Gigawatt-hour. Forecast: 548821.3573 Gigawatt-hour.
Cement Production in China grew to 21072.20 Ten Thousands of Tonnes from 15443.00 Ten Thousands of Tonnes and Electricity Production went up to 569900.00 Gigawatt-hour from 519600.00 Gigawatt-hour in Nov 2017.

Cement Production all-time average stands at 8023.26 Ten Thousands of Tonnes and it's projection for May 2018 is 23657.04. Electricity Production averaged 214118.54 Gigawatt-hour and is projected to be 548821.36 in Jan 2018.