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Banks Balance Sheet
Central Bank Balance Sheet

China New Yuan Loans was last reported at 697.00 CNY Billion. Forecast: 1264.7311 CNY Billion.
China Central Bank Balance Sheet stands at 366229.75 CNY HML. Source: People's Bank of China. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 366788.1442 CNY HML.
Banks Balance Sheet in China fell to 697.00 CNY Billion from 1380.00 CNY Billion and Central Bank Balance Sheet went up to 366229.75 CNY HML from 362616.86 CNY HML in Aug 2018.

Banks Balance Sheet all-time average stands at 673.61 CNY Billion and it's projection for Nov 2018 is 1264.73. Central Bank Balance Sheet averaged 200995.20 CNY HML since Dec 1999 and is projected to be 366788.14 in Oct 2018.