Countries With Highest Changes In Inventories - Top 5 World

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Changes In Inventories Latest Reference
Sri Lanka

Paraguay Changes In Inventories stands at 1579820.48 Million PYG. Source: Banco Central del Paraguay. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 644104.3043 Million PYG.
Algeria Changes in Inventories latest value is 1359496.60 DZD Million. Source: Office National des Statistiques (ONS). Forecast: 1374083.2371 DZD Million.
Sri Lanka Changes in Inventories was last reported at 1217425.70 LKR Million. Forecast: 499536.2792 LKR Million.
Bolivia Changes In Inventories stands at 819890.00 BOB Thousand. Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadistica. 1990=100, NSA. Forecast: -273182.9873 BOB Thousand.
Mongolia Changes In Inventories latest value is 711101.10 MNT Million. Source: National Statistical Office of Mongolia. Constant prices, 2010=100. Forecast: 574798.8852 MNT Million.
The country with highest Changes In Inventories is Paraguay followed by Algeria in the second position and Sri Lanka in the third.