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Building Permits Latest Reference
United States

United States Building Permits was last reported at 1275 Thousand. Source: u.s. census bureau. Forecast: 1217 Thousand.
Germany Building Permits For New Dwellings stands at 26682 -. Source: federal statistical office. Forecast: 23460 -.
France Housing Permits latest value is 41600 -. Source: ministere de l'ecologie du developpement et de l'amenagement durables, france. Forecast: 36999 -.
Canada Value Of Building Permits was last reported at 7740180 CAD Thousand. Source: statistics canada. Forecast: 7357306 CAD Thousand.
Australia Building Permits stands at -5.6 Percent. Source: australian bureau of statistics. Forecast: -0.7 Percent.
Turkey Dwelling Permits latest value is 93930 -. Source: turkish statistical institute. Forecast: 75881 -.
Building Permits in the United States grew to 1275 Thousand in Jun 2017 from 1216 Thousand in Feb 2017. Germany Building Permits went up to 26682 in May 2017 from 24306 in Feb 2016. Building Permits in France rose to 41600 in May 2017 from 37000 in Feb 2017. Building Permits in Canada grew to 7740180 CAD Thousand in May 2017 from 7642156 CAD Thousand in Jan 2017. Australia Building Permits went down to -5.6 Percent in May 2017 from 7.9 Percent in Jul 2015. Building Permits in Turkey rose to 93930 in Mar 2017 from 86944 in Nov 2016.