CCC Shoes & Bags - Forecast

225.4 PZ 09/25/2018
222.72604 PZ 09/30/2018

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CCC Shoes & Bags
Saudi Arabia Inflation Rate
Saudi Arabia GDP Growth Rate
Saudi Arabia Interest Rate
Saudi Arabia Unemployment Rate
Saudi Arabia GDP

CCC Shoes & Bags was last reported at 225.4 PZ. Forecast: 222.72604 PZ.
Saudi Arabia Inflation Rate stands at 2.20 percent. Source: Central Department of Statistics & Information, Saudi Arabia. 2007=100. Forecast: 2.1 percent.
Saudi Arabia GDP Growth Rate latest value is -0.05 percent. Forecast: -0.3 percent.
Saudi Arabia Interest Rate was last reported at 2.50 percent. Source: Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. Forecast: 2.5 percent.
Saudi Arabia GDP latest value is 683.83 USD Billion. Source: World Bank. Current USD. Forecast: 672.1 USD Billion.
CCC Shoes & Bags is forecast to go down to 222.72604 PZ in 09/30/2018.