World - Cash Reserve Ratio

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Cash Reserve Ratio T+1

China Cash Reserve Ratio Big Banks latest value is 17 Percent. Source: the people's bank of china. Forecast: 17 Percent.
Brazil Cash Reserve Ratio On Demand Deposits was last reported at 45 Percent. Source: banco central do brasil. Forecast: 45 Percent.
Russia Cash Reserve Ratio stands at 7 Percent. Source: central bank of russia. Forecast: 7 Percent.
India Cash Reserve Ratio latest value is 4 Percent. Source: reserve bank of india. Forecast: 4 Percent.
Indonesia Cash Reserve Ratio was last reported at 6.5 Percent. Source: bank indonesia. Forecast: 6.5 Percent.
Turkey Reserve Requirement Ratio Foreign Currency stands at 12 Percent. Source: central bank of the republic of turkey. Forecast: NaN Percent.