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Car Registrations Latest Reference
United States
Euro Area

United States New Passenger Cars Registrations was last reported at 580.98 Thousand. Source: u.s. bureau of economic analysis. Forecast: 543.23 Thousand.
Euro Area Car Registrations stands at 913.08 Thousand. Source: european central bank. Forecast: 857.86 Thousand.
China Passenger Car Sales latest value is 1831800 -. Source: china association of automobile manufacturers. Forecast: 2387373 -.
Japan Car Registrations was last reported at 274000 Cars. Source: japan automobile dealers association. Forecast: 249514 Cars.
Germany New Car Registrations stands at 327693 Cars. Source: federal motor transport authority, germany. Forecast: 280013 Cars.
France Car Registrations latest value is 166906 Cars. Source: ministry of ecology, france. Forecast: 164849 Cars.
Car Registrations in the United States grew to 580.98 Thousand in May 2017 from 441.4 Thousand in Jan 2017. The Euro Area Car Registrations went up to 913.08 Thousand in Jun 2017 from 851 Thousand in Mar 2016. Car Registrations in China rose to 1831800 in Jun 2017 from 1632700 in Feb 2017. Car Registrations in Japan grew to 274000 Cars in Jun 2017 from 184562 Cars in Apr 2016. Germany Car Registrations went up to 327693 Cars in Jun 2017 from 315921 Cars in Apr 2016. Car Registrations in France declined to 166906 Cars in Jun 2017 from 167250 Cars in Apr 2016.