Countries With Lowest Car Production - Bottom 5 World

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Car Production Latest Reference
North Korea
United States

North Korea Car Production stands at 0.30 Ten Thousand Units. Source: Bank of Korea. Forecast: 0.2951 Ten Thousand Units.
Australia Car Production latest value is 1.00 Units. Source: Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries. NSA. Forecast: 5987.4193 Units.
United States Car Production was last reported at 2.45 Million Units. Source: Federal Reserve, United States. SA. Forecast: 2.9721 Million Units.
Poland Car Production stands at 17.00 Thousand Units. Source: Central Statistical Office, Poland. NSA. Forecast: 34.1826 Thousand Units.
Russia Car Production latest value is 121.60 Thousand Units. Source: Federal State Statistics Service, Russia. NSA. Forecast: 126.1242 Thousand Units.
The country with lowest Car Production is North Korea (0.30 Ten Thousand Units in 2017) followed by Australia (1.00 Units in Nov 2017) in the second position and Russia (121.60 Thousand Units in Aug 2018) in the third.