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Private Sector Credit
Loans To Private Sector

Canada Private Sector Credit stands at 4260331.00 CAD Million. Source: Statistics Canada. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 4238778.9496 CAD Million.
Canada Loans to Private Sector latest value is 401763.00 CAD Million. Forecast: 405554.9516 CAD Million.
Private Sector Credit in Canada grew to 4260331.00 CAD Million from 4222270.00 CAD Million and Loans To Private Sector went up to 401763.00 CAD Million from 400366.00 CAD Million in May 2018.

Private Sector Credit all-time average stands at 1264589.29 CAD Million and it's projection for Jun 2018 is 4238778.95. Loans To Private Sector averaged 134962.11 CAD Million and is projected to be 405554.95 in Jun 2018.