Canada - Money Supply M2

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Money Supply M2
Money Supply M0

Canada Money Supply M2 was last reported at 1596479.00 CAD Million. Forecast: 1592175.986 CAD Million.
Canada Money Supply M0 stands at 89896.00 CAD Million. Forecast: 90125.8179 CAD Million.
Money Supply M2 in Canada grew to 1596479.00 CAD Million from 1588413.00 CAD Million and Money Supply M0 went up to 89896.00 CAD Million from 89764.00 CAD Million in Feb 2018.

Money Supply M2 all-time average stands at 480019.14 CAD Million and it's projection for Mar 2018 is 1592175.99. Money Supply M0 averaged 26833.60 CAD Million and is projected to be 90125.82 in Mar 2018.