Bulgaria Manufacturing Production - Forecast

5.20 percent Dec 2017
5.1521 percent Jan 2018

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Bulgaria Manufacturing Production
Bulgaria Eletricity Production
Bulgaria Steel Production
Bulgaria Industrial Production MoM
Bulgaria Industrial Production
Bulgaria Mining Production

Bulgaria Manufacturing Production was last reported at 5.20 percent. Forecast: 5.1521 percent.
Bulgaria Eletricity Production stands at 4006.00 Gigawatt-hour. Source: Eurostat. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 4129.6793 Gigawatt-hour.
Bulgaria Steel Production latest value is 55.00 Thousand Tonnes. Source: World Steel Association. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 56.2377 Thousand Tonnes.
Bulgaria Industrial Production MoM was last reported at 0.70 percent. Source: National Statistical Institute, Bulgaria. 2010=100, SA. Forecast: -0.0105 percent.
Bulgaria Mining Production latest value is -5.20 percent. Source: National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria. 2010=100, WDA. Forecast: -3.411 percent.
Bulgaria Manufacturing Production is forecast to go down to 5.1521 percent in Jan 2018.