Botswana - Banks Balance Sheet

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Botswana Latest Reference
Banks Balance Sheet
Central Bank Balance Sheet

Botswana Banks Balance Sheet latest value is 86790.30 BWP Million. Forecast: 86750.6753 BWP Million.
Botswana Central Bank Balance Sheet was last reported at 78014.68 BWP Million. Forecast: 77903.7139 BWP Million.
Banks Balance Sheet in Botswana grew to 86790.30 BWP Million from 85731.90 BWP Million and Central Bank Balance Sheet went up to 78014.68 BWP Million from 75810.60 BWP Million in Jul 2018.

Banks Balance Sheet all-time average stands at 66471.57 BWP Million and it's projection for Aug 2018 is 86750.68. Central Bank Balance Sheet averaged 68485.35 BWP Million and is projected to be 77903.71 in Sep 2018.