Bolivia - Money Supply M2

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Bolivia Latest Reference
Money Supply M2
Money Supply M1

Bolivia Money Supply M2 was last reported at 105779359.00 Thousand BOB. Forecast: 106277063.3097 Thousand BOB.
Bolivia Money Supply M1 stands at 63810573.00 Thousand BOB. Forecast: 63900869.947 Thousand BOB.
Money Supply M2 in Bolivia fell to 105779359.00 Thousand BOB from 107078835.00 Thousand BOB and Money Supply M1 went down to 63810573.00 Thousand BOB from 64227853.00 Thousand BOB in Jan 2018.

Money Supply M2 all-time average stands at 35410437.27 Thousand BOB and it's projection for Mar 2018 is 106277063.31. Money Supply M1 averaged 22903844.38 Thousand BOB and is projected to be 63900869.95 in Mar 2018.