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Bermuda Latest Reference
GDP (current Us$)
Trade (% Of GDP)
GDP (current Lcu)
GDP (constant 2000 Us$)
GDP (constant Lcu)
GDP Per Capita (current Us$)

GDP latest value is 5573710000.00000 USD.
Trade (% of GDP) latest value is 77.26078 %.
GDP (current LCU) latest value is 5573710000.00000 LCU.
GDP (constant 2000 US$) latest value is 5151445059.92420 USD.
GDP (constant LCU) stands at 4701422000.00000 LCU.
GDP per capita latest value is 85748.06541 USD.
GDP (current Us$) in Bermuda grew to 5573710000.00000 USD from 5537537000.00000 USD. Trade (% Of GDP) went up to 77.26078 % from 75.41665 % in 2012. GDP (current Lcu) rose to 5573710000.00000 LCU (previously reported at 5537537000.00000 LCU). GDP (constant 2000 Us$) fell to 5151445059.92420 USD from 5284137923.53055 USD. GDP (constant Lcu) went down to 4701422000.00000 LCU from 4822523000.00000 LCU in 2012 and GDP Per Capita (current Us$) rose to 85748.06541 USD (previously reported at 85458.45551 USD).