Belize - Money Supply M0

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Belize Latest Reference
Money Supply M0
Money Supply M2

Belize Money Supply M0 latest value is 366.03 USD Million. Forecast: 353.0105 USD Million.
Belize Money Supply M2 was last reported at 2957.69 USD Million. Forecast: 2868.8008 USD Million.
Money Supply M0 in Belize fell to 366.03 USD Million from 383.39 USD Million and Money Supply M2 went up to 2957.69 USD Million from 2938.46 USD Million in Dec 2017.

Money Supply M0 all-time average stands at 181.49 USD Million and it's projection for Nov 2017 is 353.01. Money Supply M2 averaged 2378.70 USD Million and is projected to be 2868.8 in Nov 2017.