Barbados - Imports

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Barbados Latest Reference

Barbados Imports latest value is 227241.00 BDS Thousand. Forecast: 248756.7018 BDS Thousand.
Barbados Exports was last reported at 73312.00 BDS Thousand. Forecast: 71360.1559 BDS Thousand.
Imports in Barbados fell to 227241.00 BDS Thousand from 269816.00 BDS Thousand and Exports went down to 73312.00 BDS Thousand from 76015.00 BDS Thousand in Jun 2017.

Imports all-time average stands at 175629.26 BDS Thousand and it's projection for Aug 2017 is 248756.7. Exports averaged 52413.83 BDS Thousand and is projected to be 71360.16 in Aug 2017.